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I was visiting my Brother for New Years. Sitting in my hotel I was browsing the escort sites for Phoenix and found Isabel. The minute I saw her tits and pretty face I knew I had to meet her. She could take me right away. She told me she just moved into her new apartment and all she had in there was a bed. We both agreed that was all we needed. I was blown away when I walked in. Her pictures don't do her justice! Her attitude makes her worth what I gave her and much more. One of the friendliest providers I've met. I will visit my brother allot more now that I met Isabel!!! She met me in the red corset she wore in her ad and high heels. She kissed me when I walked in and I grabbed her and kissed her hard and long. she seamed to love it. She led me to he room and I couldn't get my clothes off fast enough. We got on the bed and kissed hard for a long time. I started to move down to DATY but she looked at me and almost begged me to suck me. She said that's her favorite thing to do and it totally gets her off. She was amazing. She played with her self while she sucked me and came hard. The hardest I've seen any woman cum!!! I wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible so I was doing good at holding back. I told her to sit on my face. She got so wet. My face was soaked. She came again. I will reccomend you not make her cum while sitting on your face. It's pretty intence. I asked her to ride me cowgirl. I wanted to get my hands on her huge tits which were still in smashed in her corset. She covered me and got on. She pulled her tits out of her corset and I almost came right there. Look up puffy niples in the dictionary and you'll see her picture. I had no idea. Her tits are a MUST SEE and of course touch. She road me hard. Then we did it doggie till I was ready. She told me to make sure I let her suck me to make me cum. I laid back on the bed and let her do her thing. I asked if I could cum in her mouth and she said I BETTER I asked if she would not swallow but drool it on her tits. She actually gave me a sad face but said ok. I let loose and when I did she started to cum. It was wild. She sat up and did just as I asked. But she then licked it back up and THEN swallowed it!!!

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Review 2

I called Isabel up because I saw her ad and saw her nipples and had to see for myself if they were real as advertised. When I called she answered promptly and after some small talk we agreed to meet up at her place to have a little fun. Of course it was a 2 call system to show up at her place which was easy to find. After I arrived there she told me where her apartment was and I found it easily enough and knocked on the door and waited for her to open it. When she opened it I was amazed at how gorgeous she is! Just like her photos suggest. She is hot. After I went inside to see her and the door closed it all started to happen. I laid the donation on her counter and then everything started. VIP'S keep reading. NON VIP's shes worth every penny I paid her and SO much more. You should try her I guarantee youll like it too! I WOULD repeat! The Juicy Details After I walked into her apartment she offered me some water which I accepted. Then after I accepted the water we both went to the couch and sat down and talked for a bit. (She LOVES to talk). We talked about a lot of things and just got to know each other. After that we started to make out with some DFK and LFK. My hands exploring her body and her tits which were hidden underneath a red dress. You could see she had perfect clevage and that was awesome. We continued DFK for a while, she was moaning a little as was I and we kept that up until she said I don't like your pants on. So I took them off and then she smiled and then I said you have to take off your top too which was fair. She did so and when those tits came out I was hard VERY quickly. She has the best tits Ive ever seen. Long Brown Nipples that we begging for attention. We went to the bedroom and cuddled a bit before I started to give her perfect tits much attention. Sucking and biting those nipples. She wanted me to suck BOTH of them at the same time, which I had no problem with. I was on there very quickly and I gave them lots of attention. Then I DFK some more with her and then she said she wanted to suck my cock. I said no I want to eat your pussy, so I went down town for DATY and she was bald and was soo delicious. Very wet and it got my face wet when I ate her out. She was moaning heavily at this point and so I DFK her again with her juices all over me. Then she said I NEED your cock now. So I let her suck it and BOY does she know how. She said she wanted to tease me. I was like OK go for it. She licked my cock my thighs my balls and even sucked on my balls. I was moaning hard at this point. I told her I Didn't want to fuck cause I wanted to try other things, so she agreed to lick my balls and do some DT with my cock which put me in heaven. Then I asked if she would lick my ass and she said yes and she did. She put her tongue all the way in my ass it was crazy and I was screaming at this point. I was in extasy and then she stopped and put her finger in there and I loved it, I wanted more and more. She did this while giving my cock a nice workout. She couldn't tell I was about to bust cause when she gives head she loses all control. I tapped her and said to back off cause I didn't want to cum yet, so she did and fingered my ass some more and sucked my balls and licked my cock. Thsi went on for a while then she said I want your cum. So I said you want me to cum? She said yes so she DT me and then she took my cock out of her mouth and gave me a HJ to completion al ofver those gorgeous tits then I did something ive never done before, I licked my own cum off of her tits and gave it to her in a kiss. It was amazing. She loved it. I had cum so hard it was crazy! Then we cleaned up because she was covered in my cum and I was covered in her juices. After we cleaned up we cuddled a bit more then proceded out to the living room to talk (She DIDNT thrown me out after I came). I thought I was done because my then I was approaching 1 & 1/4 hors with her and she didn't bat an eye. So, we talked until it was about 1 & 1/2 hours after I had arrived there and we both were tired, so I told her I was leaving. She never asked me to leave! She said ok drive safe and gave me a hug and a LFK before I opened the door and left. All in All it was WAY worth more than what I paid and Ill DEFINATELY repeat! Shell be my regular provider from here on out.

Review 3

I was in Phoenix on biz this week and was browsing the escort sites in my hotel room. I totally lucked out and went from one site to another and eventually ended up on Isabel?s ad. Once you see her pics you?ll know why I stopped right there and made a call. I got some great vibes right away. She was close to my hotel so I asked her to come see me there. She got there right on time. I peeked through the spy hole in the door and couldn?t open it fast enough. She was dressed very casual and tastefully but I know what was hiding under that button up jean blouse and jean skirt. She gave me a great, long kiss when I closed the door. She walked into further into my room after our kiss and looked around. Commented on what a nice suite it was and we stood and talked about some of the other places I might want to stay when I?m in town that might be closer to the ?Phoenix Action? although we both agreed that this was the perfect hotel for me from now on, since it was so close to her. I will not be waiting for a business reason to be going back to see her. As we stood and talked she moved close to me and we kissed again. We began undressing each other As I unbuttoned her top and lowered it off her shoulders I had to stop kissing her and admire what is perfection in cleavage. I kissed her some more and undid her bra. Again I had to stop and admire her amazing breasts. Huge dark areoles with giant erect nipples. I could have built a better set of breasts! I kissed her neck, shoulders and then lifted one of her massive breasts to my mouth. She seems to have VERY sensitive breasts because she started moaning and squirming right away. I moved her over to the bed and lowered her down giving her breasts plenty of attention. I slid off the edge of the bed and undid her shoes and pants and pulled them off. I DATY right away. I stayed on my knees a very long time giving her at least 2 O?s. REAL O?s. She didn?t squirt but she was so wet it was running into my mouth! She sat up and lifted me to my feet. She started to undo my pants and told me that she has a FETISH for giving head. She said she?s totally addicted to it. YUP?I?ll agree with that!!! I stepped out of my pants and she admired and lightly caressed my hard cock for a long time which was a great touch before taking me into her mouth. One of the best and PASSIONETTE BBBJ?s I?ve ever had! She mixed in some Russian as well as great HJ. I really went into the zone. I was gonna make love to this woman and not just fuck her. She covered me and she laid back and I fell on top of her. We moved ourselves up onto the middle of the bed and I kissed her hard while I slid into her VERY wet pussy. After a while she wanted doggie but I know I?d blow right away. For some reason I last longest during CG. I told her that and she said then lets take our time and she moved down and took off the cover and gave me lots of attention to my balls and thighs and cock but not really sucking me. It was very relaxing. She then got another cover I had on the end table and covered me and moved up and sat on me. Had to be my best CG so far. I thought I had a few ?perfect? tits in my face up till now but boy I had no idea what PERFECT is till now. I asked her to move to reverse CG when I felt I was losing it. I last forever like that. She loved it and had another ?O?. I normally only like to blow my load on tits or face but I was in love at this point and wanted to make love rather than get ?porn nasty? so I told her to move up so I could move to doggie. I lasted a lot longer than I thought. I was truly in the zone. She came again but I didn?t. We collapse on the bed and she asked in amazement if I came yet. I told her I?d cum when she told me to cum. She smiled and moved down and took the cover off and gave me another amazing wet, deep BBBJ. I told her I was going to cum to pump it all over her tits. She lifted off and pumped me onto her hanging tits. We laid and talked for a while. I commented on how hard she cums. She asked me if I was into anal. She told me if I really want to see her cum hard then I need to do her anal. I know it was Biz but I developed some real feeling for her. I know it won?t go anywhere other than friends but I called her on my drive back and we talked for a long time. I was told once that you should be able to count your friend on one hand and have a few fingers left over. She is one of those friends now. Treat her right or deal with me!

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I was in Phx for biz and I saw Isabel?s ad when she was in So cal but I missed her. I made it a point to look her up when I was in phx. She was super nice on the phone and had time for me right away. I thought her pics might have been deceiving because her nipples and areolas looks unbelievably huge. Well, the pictures don't lie. She has to have the most amazing tits and NIPPLES I've ever seen or...I know, I didn't talk about 2 call, nice place, bla bla bla. WHO CARES. I would go to have those tits in a dumpster in an ally someplace. But nice place ok! I got there and she was wearing this long sweater type thing. Not sure what it's called. I just blurted out. I need to see them NOW!!! She thought it was funny. She opened her sweater and I started to shake. She leg me right into her room. I didn't even bother with small talk. I ripped my clothes off and helped her out of her outfit. I sucked and worshiper those tits for 20 min. She played with my cock and tried to suck it a few times but I wanted to pay attention to her tits. She finally told me that she doesn't do this just for work. She REALLY loved to suck cock. I told her I wanted to make her cum first and she told me to just let her suck me and she will cum...HARD! I laid back and she wasn't kidding. This was way beyond escorting. I thought it was my wife on our honeymoon. She came several times. She went very deep with lots of spit and noise. She was getting pretty wild and then she asked...almost begged me to fuck her in the ass. I told her I would but didn't want to cum in her ass so I didn't think I could go very long. She covered me and oiled me and bent over. I slid it in and tried to pump but know I couldn?t very much. She told me to just shove it in all the way and stay there. She grabbed a giant vibrator off the bed and used it. She squirted I think. Just noticed a big water spot on the floor. Couldn't swear to it. I told her I wanted to cum in her mouth and she said Please do baby!!! She led me into the bathroom and took the cover off and gave me the hottest sponge bath on my cock. She led me back in and asked me if I wanted to stand or lay down. I stood. It didn't take long to blow in her mouth. She pulled off and said WATCH as my cum drooled from her mouth!!! She drooled it all over her big tits and then asked If I'd help her lick it off. Wasn't really into it at that time but flicked my tongue around it on her tits. The only reason I didn't give her a 10 was I felt a little obligated to fuck her in the ass. Not really my think. It's hot to have a provider that gets into it and REALLY has fun but I would need a little more all about me to give her a 10. If your into anal and even sharing cum with her then she is a 10! I will for sure go see her again and again!!!!!!!

Review 5

Called Isabel based on her ads and TER review. She answered and we arranged a meeting for later in the day. No problem finding her apartment. She directed me to her room from the parking lot. She looked very good when I first saw her -- awesome tits! We hit the bedroom fairly soon. She was ready to go and so was I after gazing at those DD's. She was horny! She was excited to get to the BBBJ, and then on to a variety of other positions -- CG, reverse, doggie. She especially like doggie, including Greek. This was one hot woman -- she O'd repeatedly, grabbing the bedding and moaning loudly. She begged for more and more, especially anally. After I came, I was totally exhausted. Great time. I'll be back!

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When I arrived, I was greeted with a big hug, and her tongue down my throat. Isa loves kissing, as do I. The only furniture in the place was that brand new bed, so we immediately hopped on it and the festivities began. Lots of DFK, and she unfurled the girls that I had come to visit. I asked her if her nipples were sensitive, and she replied, yes if you suck them like you mean it. So I proceeded to try to suck the nipples right off of her tits, and she was loving it. This eventually evolved into a DTBBBJ as she told me she absolutely loves to suck cock. She is very skilled at cock sucking as her very first thrust went all the way to my balls. I told her to go slow because I didn't want to blow too soon. After a while, I pulled my cock out of her mouth, and went down for some DATY. She loved this and soon had what can only be described as a totally convulsive orgasm. After giving her a recovery break, I repeated the DATY, and she repeated the convulsive O. I rolled her over on to all fours, and immediately took her to Greece for an extended tour. Something else she loves. I was too focused on myself by now to notice if she got off again. As I felt my self getting close, I pulled out, got rid of the cover, and she commenced another DTBBBJ. God, she's good at this. After a few, I blew into her mouth, and she took it all. Before swallowing,she came up and we shared a sexy, sensual, creamy kiss. Heaven! We took a little break, and she went back to the BBBJ again, and I was hard again in no time. We went at it for some pile driving doggie, and after a while I lost it again, encouraged all the while by her dirty, nasty talk. All in all, it was exactly what I was looking for. Fabulous tits, she does it all, and is a sweet person. As I mentioned above, I'm headed back for a repeat with her hot looking friend joining us.

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The provider arrived close to agreed upon time, was a little late, Attactive women, Great chest, a little to heavy in the make-up department, but a very friendly soul. Specific Details : I called this provider for an appointment after seeing her pictures on the site. What catch my eye was the size of her chest! Whoppers, they were! After getting the usual finance out of the way, we got to the bed. Isabelz disrobed. All I could think was wow! I buried myself in her chest until I was totally drained. It was a good time for me. I wasn't sure if was business as usual or Isabelz enjoyed herself. I enjoyed myself and would call her again if and when I come back to Phoenix.

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