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A few simple suggestions to make your date possible, easy to schedule, all that it can be and more. In order to enjoy the services of any Companion you need to learn how to discuss their services correctly. While some of those reading this might be well versed in chatting up Companion this list is more for the novice client who has little to no clue of how to go about it. It could also be considered a helpful guide for those up and coming Companions who need a few guidelines to get started. As such, there are a few things we all need to understand. So let’s get started…

1. Companions DO NOT sell sex. (While some people often confuse Companions and Prostitutes the big difference is simple. Companions sell their time, not sexual acts. What happens during the time spent with an Companion is up to two or more consenting adults who possess similar likes and interests. It’s that simple.)

2. Because of what was mentioned in one (1.) you will discover Companions DO NOT talk to ‘Newbie’ clients about sex between yourself and themselves at all, in any form or manner. The reason is as mentioned above. They are selling their time, not "acts". To avoid delays in communicating with an Companion keep the discussion light and fun. Mentioning "acts" might get your mail ignored completely and nobody has any fun if that happens. However you can ask your Companion what they are into sexually with regard to their personal life and lifestyle. There is nothing wrong with two adults discussing similar likes, interests and what they personally like in a sexual relationship.

3. This is a biggy! NEVER associate a sex act with a fee or rate $$. The only people on the planet who attempt to associate sex with a fee when communicating with an Companion work for Government agencies, Police departments or are soliciting hookers. Making this fee/act association will scare Companions away and once again everybody loses. Avoid this mistake at all costs and you will have a great new friend a phone call away.

4. When first contacting an Companion, usually via E-Mail, ALWAYS supply a phone number and as much information you feel comfortable providing; including your first name, your age, your height, your weight, a general location, interests, etc. Companions are going to learn all of this information anyway so why not get started on the right foot, plus it makes the whole process run a lot smoother and faster. Something to avoid is sending E-mail with lewd, crude wishes and wants. These usually get ignored and it halts communication. Not good.

5. Always pay the agreed upon fees/monies up front. NEVER make the Companion ask for money. They are providing a service after all. When hiring an Companion for a week or more always pay half up front. This will put you high on the Companions client list and you’ll get immediate attention in the future.

6. When you first meet up with your Companion be sure to leave the agreed monies/fees on the dresser, bed, coffee table, etc. always in plain view and expect the Companion to count it (wouldn’t you if your positions were reversed?). Cash is always good but for larger (week or more) amounts Paypal is great for half-up-front payments.

7. Have your ID available for the Companion to inspect. If you don’t trust your Companion enough to see your ID then you need to look elsewhere for companionship. If a Companion cannot determine that you are not a form of oppressive puritan society then they cannot visit with you because they take a chance on meeting an undesirable client, a member of some kind of harassing government agency or a client who might mean them harm. In the event you are staying at a hotel EXPECT the Companion to call the front desk to confirm you are a registered guest and in the room number you provided before they ever show up. This will require you providing your full name which will be compared against your ID. This is for safety reasons.

8. Expect the Companion to have told a Trusted Friend where they were going, for how long and with whom including details. Expect this Trusted Friend to have Your contact information, e-mail address, cell number and even your hotel/house number as the information keeps flowing up until they arrive at Your door. Companions have friends too and to stay safe they keep the most trusted well, well informed.

9. If after meeting your Companion you discover you share the same sexual interests and are attracted to one another then it is up to you to ALWAYS MAKE FIRST PHYSICAL CONTACT!! (I stress that as it’s very important.) The Companion will not and cannot touch you until You make the first move. This is because of vice laws, battery/assault laws and Police sting operations. Once you have introduced the first physical, sexual contact then "it’s on" and you’re going to have a great time. Failing to make first physical/sexual contact with your Companion means you will stay untouched for the allotted time and the Companion will leave with their fee when it’s time to go.

10. If your first meeting with your Companion is in a hotel room EXPECT the Companion to go immediately to the bathroom to make sure there are no additional "guests". Do not be alarmed by this. Sometimes clients surprise Companions by bringing a friend or friends along without warning. Never a good idea!! This can annoy or even scare your Companion and will destroy the mood. Upon finding no unexpected guests you can then EXPECT the Companion to then lock all of the doors in the room including sliding glass doors and doors to joint/adjoining rooms. The time you have purchased is for you alone. With all the doors locked the Companion will have a much easier time concentrating on you and you on them.

11. Only offer beverages to your Companion which are sealed in bottles or cans. You could also expect your Companion to supply their own beverages for their own use. No Companion wants to get dosed with any kind of drug, or have to worry about it, so to avoid this it’s a great idea to follow the sealed bottle/can rule. If a Companion does accept a beverage from you EXPECT them to drink it fast or not to put the container down until it’s finished due to the above reasons. Once trust is established or you’re a repeat client this will not be such an issue.

12. Your Companion will not bring condoms, lube, toys or any item of sexual nature as by law they cannot. You should always have these items handy (as you normally would) in the event you and the Companion of your choosing share the same lifestyle and are sexually attracted to one another during your visit. Companions carrying lube, condoms, toys, etc. can be busted for prostitution so they WILL NOTcarry them.

13. If your Companion and yourself find each other sexually attractive and as two consenting adults you both decide to have a little fun DO NOT EXPECT condom free sex, its simple common sense.

14. This one is easy and common sense. DO NOT treat the Companion like an item/object. They are human beings, just like you and me, making their time available to you as eye candy on your arm, a dinner guest, a travel companion, a drinking buddy or what have you. Treat your Companion as you would have someone treat you and you’re likely to make a life long friend and have a hell of a lot more fun. The only time this doesn’t apply is in role playing exercises providing it’s consensual.

15. DO NOT EXPECT the Companion to keep track of time. If you go over your paid time EXPECT to pay additional monies/fees. Companions are a service industry like any other and their time, like your time, is valuable.

16. EXPECT your Companion to treat you professionally. They see you as a client and soon to be friend. They do not view you as their boyfriend/girlfriend. If you are looking for a relationship/romance then stick with a girlfriend/boyfriend and leave the Escorts to their ‘friends’ who enjoy their services.

17. Lastly dear reader, always tip your Companion, even if it’s a minor amount. Everyone likes to be told they are doing a great job and this gesture, if even $10.00, makes a world of difference. A gift is also nice, but don’t expect an Companion to accept one until you have made the all important First Physical Contact.

Well, there you have it. I promise you if you follow these simple suggestions you will never have a problem contacting an Companion, setting up an appointment, having a great first meeting or enjoying your new found friend. The memories which can be generated by your success in following these suggestions are golden. Do yourself and the Companion a favor and play nice.

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